Quartz stone sink good quality so expensive

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Recently, the reporter visited the kitchen household goods market found that the same kitchen sink, stone sink more than double the price of stainless steel sink. Some imported stone sink brands, a set of water price over a million, comparable to the entire cabinet.
Price differences are more expensive than just a little
The sink is a necessary component to collocation the whole cabinet, who do not wash dishes, wash the toilet? However, whether it is OULIN, Moen and other brands sold separately or sink, Zhibang my music and Optima will integrate sales together in the cupboard sink brand, sink material with stainless steel, so that reporters saw stone sinks, quite unusual.
The reporter saw in the Optima cabinets store, most of the cabinets are equipped with a kind of stainless steel sink, only individual cabinets with a stone sink, press the price of a watch, stainless steel sink in almost one thousand yuan, and the stone sink have sold more than 2000 yuan. When a reporter asked why stone sinks more expensive, shopping guide replied: I think you do not have to choose the kind of sink, stainless steel sink quite good."
Reporters in the IKEA mall and the official website have found a stone sink, the same, product style to less than stainless steel sink. A stainless steel cylinder tank at present special offer as long as 99 yuan, the lowest 699 yuan stone cylinder tank; double cylinder stainless steel sink is 499 yuan, 649 yuan, 949 yuan this price, and the stone double cylinder tank has to sell 1649 yuan. A new white sea vicken single stone sinks, priced at 1899 yuan, so the price to buy a brand in the sink cabinet shop not only, even pull basket combination equipment.
If the price comparison doesn't surprise you, you should know the brand. Reporters at the mall on the first floor of Redstar kazimen accidentally caught a glimpse of a tank shop, it is not even a complete sink facade, looking for a kind of high-grade, the price of a watch is a price is enough for you to be startled at, other shop complete set of cabinets.
It is understood that the Ai Leqi tank imported from Italy, every year in the kitchen exhibition in Shanghai on the limelight, the water tank with crystal, high-grade glass, quartz stone as raw material, and processed through the complex process, achieves the abrasion resistance and high-temperature resistance and antibacterial effect. Color collocation, Ai Leqi stove, faucet, sink a set of uniform color, making the product harmony, its official website shows, the color can be selected according to the consumer preferences arbitrarily, is known as the kitchen color collocation experts.
Advantage analysis function upgrade and beautiful
So, why is the stone sink more expensive?
Sink in the kitchen, plays an important role. The kitchen appliances in the highest frequency of use, is also an easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices of. Scratch, strong days and months multiplying dirt, difficult to take care of, let a person have a headache. The monotonous and cold stainless steel color, easy to produce aesthetic fatigue.
The introduction of sea water vicken reporter saw in the official website of IKEA is very health, because the surface is particularly dense, completely impermeable, dust and bacteria will automatically fall. The frequent use of stand every day, both can antifouling and anti scratch. Even if spilled or heavy pan on top of red wine, coffee, and will not leave any traces.
Nanjing IKEA mall Li Weiran told reporters, stone sink is the main material quartz stone, the reason is more expensive than stainless steel sink, because its raw material itself more expensive. Quartz stone as a sink benefits are: high hardness, more than stainless steel anti slip, rub resistance. Quartz stone and cabinet countertops similar material, beautiful, better overall effect."
In addition, such as quartz stone also with acid and alkali, acidic foods even highly corrosive, corrosion will not sink. Another point, stone sinks in the use of more quiet, and vessels, water collision when the noise generated is small
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