But the price tag helpless people beware of "price maze"

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If the mall is not the price of goods is still an individual phenomenon, which in the building materials market, do not give the goods affixed to the price tag, relying on the owner shouting price situation is everywhere. The reporter saw in the provincial capital Qingyang Road, a building materials market, building materials, many brand stores are not affixed to the goods on the price tag, such as flooring, lighting, hardware, such as stone "small parts", there is no price sign phenomenon is more serious.
"Small items we don't really care, ambry, sanitary ware and other large, if there is no standard on that price, let people do not mind at ease." In the building materials market, many customers have said so.
Ware package 3288 yuan, cabinet packages $5588...... Today, the building materials market in the popular "package" wind: basin, shower cabinets together to sell, package includes the hood and the stove, businesses will fall to a set of goods packaged for sale to consumers. Consumers often only know the package price, but do not know the price of each commodity. "The cabinet package in a bunch of things, finally, to buy Wood ambry exactly how much a meter, is not set than the calculated per Yanmi cost, who do not know, and finally became a nightmare." In the south two ring of a building materials market, consumers Wang told reporters.
However, most notably, the use of some building materials business in the package in the product quality of doubt. I look at a package in a cabinet, package with a brand sink. I went to this brand of water tank franchise store to ask, the clerk told me that the package in the cupboard quality is not very good sink, and now has discontinued." Zhang, who lives in Hefei municipal government said. In addition, some of the building materials in the package contains individual products almost belong to the "three noes" of products, consumer prices are not unheard of, search. Insiders said that in some building materials package, some vendors will be famous inferior building materials and construction materials portfolio sales, such as brand-name cooker hoods and other bad catch.
But the price tag makes people feel helpless
See in many appliance stores, electrical goods basically do the price tag. However, these prices and actual sales price is far. The price of 8000 yuan to 6000 yuan air conditioners, refrigerators can be traded; price 5800 yuan, the actual sales price is only 4000 yuan...... Even the relatively cheap price of the heater, the price of 289 yuan, 100 yuan can buy real. In the appliance store, almost every piece of merchandise is lower than the actual bid price, home appliance price sign useless.
Buy cabinets do not look at the price tag, direct sales staff on the line, they will give a real quote." In the provincial capital of several cabinet stores, many customers have told reporters this.
Since the "real price", why not write directly on the price sign? There are shopping malls sales staff explained that the cabinet because of the frequent fluctuations in market prices, the mall also often have some promotional activities, these activities are not a discount. Therefore, if every time to sign the price adjustment price, it is cumbersome, there is no need, if sincere purchase, we will give consumers a real price."
In this regard, insiders said that the cabinet business through the inflated price, the price in the sign "room", in fact, is left to their own price adjustment operation space, is the lack of business integrity performance. In this case, the price tag not only did not allow consumers to understand consumption, but may bring consumers into the price maze".
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