Wet season, cabinet moistureproof you do?

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With the advent of the rainy season, moisture is the most common thing. When it comes to moisture, many people will think of the bathroom, in fact, the kitchen is also a damp place. Do you still remember the cockroaches in the kitchen every spring and summer? If you want your kitchen clean and tidy, it is very important to do well the moisture treatment when decorating.
Key moisture proof material
The kitchen is a damp easy seeper place, all surface decoration materials should choose waterproof waterproof performance excellent material. Surface, operating mesa material should be watertight, non seepage. Metope, ceiling material should be waterproof.
Now the market cabinet cabinet material is divided into wood, wood, particleboard and high density board, wherein the cabinet panel is generally solid board or high density board, and the back and side is the use of particleboard. Template moisture-proof performance is relatively poor, so in the template above the surface mask is very important, in addition to decorative role but also moisture-proof.
The kitchen is a family every day to use the place, easy to use and easy to clean the most important. Among them, the ground material is a key part of moisture, advised consumers to choose the anti slip function, easy oil contaminated floor tiles, both economical and practical. In addition, some new composite floor, the surface adds a special anti slip protective layer, moisture-proof, anti-skid, scratch resistance are good.
It is worth noting that the ceiling will inevitably be affected by the erosion of water vapor, the experts recommended the waterproof performance in the decoration of plastic Kouban better, and waterproof membrane treatment. In addition, if the kitchen is relatively low, can also be directly painted with waterproof paint, moisture-proof effect.
Kitchen furniture must be wet and dry separation
Cabinets, sinks are indispensable protagonist in the kitchen, the kitchen is the easiest place to damp damp cabinets. If the location of the sink or improper design is inconsiderate, it is easy to cause deformation or mildew cabinet material. The decoration first paved floor, and then do the cabinet, so that not only can the exact size, but also can ensure the cabinet after sufficient drying installation, avoid excessive thermal or moisture intrusion cause ambry mildew.
Meanwhile, the cabinet plate will release formaldehyde to varying degrees. Owners can choose some professional chemicals in the cabinet, both moisture-proof and environmentally friendly role.
Select the sink, don't just consider the material and size, because of the drop of water through the pipe to the pool bottom cabinet damp, so be sure to pay attention to the edge sink rubber strip is tight. Decoration professionals recommend that consumers can choose with water in the bottom cabinet installation with aluminum plate strip, it can not only eliminate the closing noise, but also can prevent the cold water immersion box basin, faucet dripped, prolong the service life of the pool.
Sanitary dead time in a timely manner
Sewer, ceiling and wall is often the kitchen corner, easy to gather moisture or shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. Experts advise that the kitchen plumbing and sewer connections if there is no strict seal on easy seepage and smell. As the water interface in the hidden place, the completion of the renovation is easy to overlook the acceptance, please decoration workers will gap at the interface of use glass glue or other adhesive seal. In addition, the water in the sink cabinet hole installed on the cover can be moisture-proof.
Kitchen ceiling easily accumulate oil droplets and water traces deformation. If your kitchen installed ceiling lamp, but also to maintain the ceiling and ceiling connection, in case of ceiling light fall, causing danger.
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